eTimesheets Pricing Information

Pricing Overview

It's pretty simple!

We only charge $3.50 per employee / per month, thats it! There are no setup fees. There are no hidden charges. We don't nickel and dime you for additional modules. There is no credit card required to get started.

What could be easier?

Pricing Details

We only charge for active employees. Inactive employees are free. You can mark any employee as inactive and you will not be charged for that employee. This way, you can keep historical information in the database without being charged for the inactive employees.

Any time spent evaluating, testing or configuring is free. You will not be invoiced during this evaluation period. Once you are using the system live, we will email you an invoice once a month.
You can also see your current balance, past payments and payment instructions from within the eTimesheets application.

There is no written contract. You can cancel anytime. To cancel, send us an email. We will verify with you before we disable the account.

We do not require a contract or long term commitment. Cancel at anytime. We will email you an invoice once a month.

All accounts are subject to a $20 per month mininum.

The only additional charge is for custom programming. This is optional and is not normally needed. It includes tasks such as programming complex overtime rules, complex timesheet validation rules and some custom import/export interfaces.

The Legal Terms

How To Buy eTimesheets

We realize some companies want to start immediately and some want to take their time and evaluate eTimesheets for several months. So we make it very simple:

1. Sign up for a free trial. No credit card required. We will send you your company number and logon credentials.

2. eTimesheets is highly configurable. You can configure it yourself, but we recommend you take advantage of our free setup and training services. We will work with you to configure eTimesheets to meet your exact needs. We can import your employees, charge codes etc from a spreadsheet. We can setup an online meeting to train your timesheet administrators and supervisors. All at no charge.

3. You can then start using it immediately or just evaluate. Our system can detect what percentage of your employees are filling out timesheets. When it looks like you're using eTimesheets in a live environment, we will contact you to see if you want to start your paid subscription. If you want more time, simply say so. We will never start your paid subscription without your consent. You can evaluate eTimesheets for as long as you want.

4. If you decide eTimesheets is not for you, just stop using it. You will not be billed and your account will eventually be deactivated.

5. Once you decide to start, the billing is simple. There is no contract. Cancel at anytime. Billing is monthly. You pay $3.50 per employee / per month. There are no other fees. You can pay by credit card or we can email you a monthly invoice. You only pay for active employees. You mark any employee as inactive and you will not be billed for that employee. This way you can still run reports that include the time of inactive employees without having to pay to have them on the system.