DCAA Compliance

What is DCAA Compliance?

To achieve Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance a contractor or organization must setup procedures and policies that enable it to pass a DCAA audit. One of the key tools of compliance is accurate record keeping of employee time keeping. When using an electronic software system there are certain standard conditions that must be met. These include accurately recording employees hourly time worked on a particular project or task. Another feature is making timesheet corrections or timesheet adjustments. In addition, the timesheet software must support daily time tracking. Further, the system must be capable of providing at least monthly reporting of time keeping data.

How eTimesheets Meets These Standards

eTimesheets has features and functions that directly support the requirements stated in the Automated Timekeeping Systems section of the Defense Contractors Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

Note that DCAA requires that the timekeeping process, collectively including policies, manual procedures and tools be compliant; the software alone is not audited for compliance or certified nor approved as DCAA compliant. The software has been reviewed by auditors at customer sites and along with the customer policies and procedures approved as supporting the DCAA regulations.

eTimesheets makes implementation of the DCAA regulations easy and efficient. With our timesheet software, you can be rest assured that your company's timesheet will be DCAA compliant.

eTimesheets DCAA Requirement Checklist

Employees charge time to authorized, open projects
Employee access time through a secure password
Employee records viewable and auditable comments for any timesheet change
Supervisors approve the entire timesheet
All time must be reported (total time accounting)
Administrators monitor delinquent timesheets
Configurable employee approver assignments
Timesheet routing and approval paths
Multiple approval levels
Backup/proxy approvals
Employee time and date stamp on submissions and approvals
Employees can submit timesheets while on travel
Supervisors can only approve and not submit timesheets
Detailed timesheet corrections audit trails
Labor hour costs are allocated and accumulated separately by various categories, including direct versus indirect, and per contract
Indirect costs are consistently documented and allocated across the direct cost items
Reports can be generated on demand
Unallowable expenses are identified and excluded by policy
Employees are required to certify that his/her timesheet is accurate and complete
When making corrections to submitted and processed timesheets, eTimesheets requires that comments are made with the adjustment entry